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Customizable, inline newsletter signup forms that automatically add to your MailChimp and Constant Contact lists.

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Custom coding an email signup is annoying.

Custom Controller

First, you need to make a controller to handle your form input.

API Integration

Then, you need to integrate with your email provider’s API.

ReCaptcha Integration

Finally, you need to make sure that your form isn’t being spammed.

Let Newsletterfy do it for you.

Existing options suck.

The page that MailChimp sends your users to isn’t pretty. Let us handle your MailChimp sign-up form.

Constant Contact’s inline forms are not pretty, and there is no option for ReCaptcha or callbacks.

Other Form Sites

None of our competitors offer the simplicity or customizability of Newsletterfy. Use for any application with custom callbacks.

just works.

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